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What Can Cause Final Drive Motor Failure?

What Can Cause Final Drive Motor Failure?

Posted by Mike P. on Jul 13th 2022

Final Drive Motors are an essential component of any and all excavators. Final drive motors are solely responsible for ensuring that your excavator is equipped with the primary movement function. The final drive motor is responsible for the movement of your tracks. An excavator that expresses one way or another the mechanical inability to traverse is solely indicative of a faulty final drive motor.

That being said, Final drive motors are a key component for a functional excavator looking to tackle heavy jobs around construction sites in cities or smaller to medium-sized tasks around residential or farmland properties.

To sum up the purpose of a final drive motor up of an excavator. If you can't seem to get your excavator tracks to move no matter the size, the first thing you should be thinking about inspecting for quality and functionality in the final drive motor.

Also called the track motor, the final drive motor typically resides in an area that is close to other essential components like the hydraulic motor and hydraulic drain filter.

A faulty final drive motor can spell disaster for some operators, especially those on a deadline and with little access to another machine to get the job done in a timely manner. However, all is far from lost. A faulty final drive motor can be a bit of a reach into the pocket when considering the idea of getting a new one or a full replacement. There are some things to rule out beforehand. Not all issues of a final drive motor will be a significant enough cause to purchase a completely new travel motor, and there are some things to consider and check for before making that kind of decision or conclusion.

That being said, by the time the effects of a faulty final drive motor can be observed it is likely due to the reality that there are some internal complications involving parts and pieces relieving themselves of proper positioning ultimately rendering the final drive motor entirely useless right off the bat.

While the fact remains that a faulty final drive motor completely rids your excavator completely of full-on functionality prowess. Troubleshooting the issue of what exactly is causing the malfunction can be a bit of a wall in the park. These troublesome tasks can be attributed to as stated before, the internal workings of the final drive motor itself that can pose some significant effort in getting access to.

Nevertheless, if you want your final drive motor to get back to its functional and originally designed potential for operation, this is a road that will be required for you to take. That or ridding yourself of the manual labor headache altogether by purchasing a brand new model.

While it may be an effort that poses more trouble than it's worth to effectively troubleshoot and fix there are certain pointers that we can illustrate for you as to why exactly you may be experiencing final drive motor failure. These particular areas of interest could benefit you in the short run when deciding if you want to salvage your final drive motor or find a new replacement.

Refer to the most probable causes of a malfunctioning final drive motor we’ve outlined for you below.

Malfunctioning Case Drain

There is a specific component that can ultimately render your final drive motor inoperable. The component in question is referred to as the case drain.

The case drain is solely responsible for the link between the final drive motor itself and the hydraulic fluid chamber. Its primary cause is to catch and collect any internal leakages within the excavator's systems and effectively return the not-so-lost fluid away from the operating final drive motor within the excavator.

Any complications with the function of this component alone can be caused to see faulty final drive motor within your excavator.

A good way to ensure this scenario does not happen to your excavator is to conduct frequent inspections of your hydraulic drain filter or case drain system. Either term is referring to the same component so when you hear either phrase being used you’ll know that they are the same.

Not inspecting your case drain filter means that you run the potential risk of clogging in which the leaking fluid instead of being driven away from the final drive motor in turn coagulates on the important functional component itself. We’re sure we don’t have to get too deep as to why this can be a serious problem for your final drive motor; however to keep things frank, this coagulation will essentially render your final drive motor as “stuck”.

Clogged or malfunctioning case drain filters are, if not the most, one of the most frequent issues an operator will encounter when dealing with a faulty final drive motor.

While keeping a focus on the case drain filter should be toward the top of the list of priorities for frequent inspection, checking your final drive motor’s gear oil takes a close second. This will ultimately help you keep your excavator running for extended periods of time without much else.

Regular Inspections are Vital For Your Final Drive Motor Longevity

Whether you're working with heavy equipment or a small machine, maintenance is crucial to keeping everything running efficiently. Don't let yourself become another statistic of blown excavator drive motors.

It is a fact that machines are prone to malfunction at some point in their operational existence. The only way to combat deteriorating machine functions is to adequately conduct inspections of vital components and parts catching any risks for complete mechanical malfunctions as early on as possible.

It is a good habit for any sized excavator operator to conduct an inspection before and after a workload is conducted. At the end of the day, this can save you and your excavator from any mechanical problems or from simply not being able to see an operation through to the end.

Need Final Drive Motor Assistance?

While it may feel like a bit of a standstill when your final drive motor completely dies on you, there are easy solutions to your final drive motor problems that are cost-effective and easy to fix at the end of the day. If you believe you have an issue regarding your excavator's final drive motor it is highly recommended that you get in touch with

As the leaders in providing high-quality and conveniently fast final drive motor solutions Precision Final Drives, LLC is equipped with the stock and capabilities to get your excavator back up and running in practically no time at all. Contact Precision Final Drives at (888) 511-6332.