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Komatsu Final Drive Motors From Precision Final Drives

Komatsu Final Drive Motors From Precision Final Drives

Posted by Mike P. on Jul 6th 2022

Whether your focus is on private residential construction or commercial construction opportunities you are aware of the plethora of options available to you regarding a various selection of heavy construction machinery brands. Along with this variety of heavy construction machinery the need to find a committed and specialized supplier for Final Drive motors increases as you work to maintain your excavator. Going directly to the manufacturer for these parts can put a formidably sized hole in your pocket and that is what aims to tackle. With our massive stock containing Final drive motors shipped from manufacturer warehouses we acquire and offer Final Drive Motors at wholesale prices to save you much-needed capital while maintaining straight-from-factory quality. Our extensive stock includes Final Drive Motors from all popular and known Construction brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Takeuchi.

It is important to note that depending on your Heavy construction vehicle size typically ranging from Compact mini excavators, Mid-sized midi excavators, to large excavators, you will need to know exactly what kind of Final Drive Motor you need. We offer an easy-to-use method for searching your model and make as well as an open call line ready to answer any questions at a moment's notice to aid you in determining the best fit for your final drive motor replacement at no charge and without any hoops to jump through.

Let's take a look into more details about our Komatsu Final Drive Stock.

Komatsu Brand Overview:

Based in Japan, Komatsu is a global brand offering manufactured construction parts along with a varied selection of heavy construction vehicles to pick from also including various sizings. They are known for their quality engineering and overall reliability when it comes to producing key components and vehicles for construction companies and private users around the world. Komatsu was founded in 1921 and by growing its reputation as a trusted source for construction vehicles they have managed to become one of the most recognizable construction manufacturers in the world.

What Is Komatsu Known For?

Komatsu is a great source to acquire heavy construction equipment as their fleet selections go on to include excavators, loaders, graders, and trucks. Their innovative approach in applying electrical control systems to their vehicles saves overall fuel consumption up to 15% when compared to other vehicles from other known brands. With a more optimized engine and hydraulic system, Komatsu has made a name for itself as being one of the most reliable and effective sources for purchasing heavy construction components, parts, and vehicles.

Komatsu Annual Sales & Revenue by

Komatsu is in the 3 world rank for leading equipment manufacturing for the heavy construction industry and for good reason. Komatsu offers a variety of heavy construction types of equipment, tools, and components covering industries from gas and oil, mining, and forestry, to even private residential construction. As one of the world's leading construction industry equipment manufacturers, Komatsu has an extensive selection in their stock where you can practically find any of the best tools you need to get any heavy-duty job done from start to finish efficiently, and effectively.

Komatsu as of 2022 accumulated a net sales revenue of $24.91 billion according to and it is a 21.18% increase in revenue when compared to 2021 of $20.581 billion. Komatsu is sharing the field with the top 3 leading equipment manufacturers in the world with Caterpillar taking the first position as the world's largest netting an annual sales revenue of approximately$53 a billion as of March 2022, and Volvo has accumulated a whopping $43.47 billion in generated sales as of March 2022.

When Was Komatsu Founded?

Komatsu is one of the world's largest equipment manufacturing companies finding its start in the industry overseas in Tokyo, Japan, on May 13, 1921. Often in the same sentence as Caterpillar, those in the heavy construction industry recognize Komatsu as a popular alternative to the Industry Giant being Caterpillar Inc. Their innovative approach to electrical components and HUD incorporated into their vehicles allow for operators to better manage their cost in maintenance and gas costs by up to 15% when compared to other manufacturers vehicles. Komatsu focused on being the main provider of heavier equipment overseas to the west in the 1970s. Komatsu found their early success in the 1950s when the production of bulldozers was in high demand in the industry. In 1949 Komatsu was recognized for aiming to create their first diesel-operated engine.

Why Purchasing From Precision Final Drive Is Your Best Bet! is an American-owned company based in Houston, Texas, aiming to provide those in the construction industry with brand new Final Drive Motors at wholesale pricing and free shipping. They offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on all selections of Final Drive Motors and are making their way to becoming the sole source for acquiring Final Drives for both excavators and track loaders machines. They offer same-day shipping to ensure your motor reaches you as fast as possible and often feature sales, promotions, and offers to continue ensuring that your final drive motor is at the lowest cost to you.

Komatsu Final Drive Motors Offered By

  • Komatsu CD10R
  • Komatsu CD25R
  • Komatsu CS200
  • Komatsu PC05
  • Komatsu PC05-7
  • Komatsu PC07
  • Komatsu PC07-2
  • Komatsu PC09
  • Komatsu PC09-1
  • Komatsu PC10-6
  • Komatsu PC10-7
  • Komatsu PC100
  • Komatsu PC100-3
  • Komatsu PC100-5
  • Komatsu PC100-5Z
  • Komatsu PC100-6
  • Komatsu PC100-6Z
  • Komatsu PC10MR
  • Komatsu PC10RR
  • Komatsu PC12
  • Komatsu PC120
  • Komatsu PC120-3
  • Komatsu PC120-5
  • Komatsu PC120-5Z
  • Komatsu PC120-6
  • Komatsu PC120-6E
  • Komatsu PC120-6EZ
  • Komatsu PC120-6Z
  • Komatsu PC120-6Z-2
  • Komatsu PC120LC-3
  • Komatsu PC120LC-6
  • Komatsu PC128
  • Komatsu PC128US-1
  • Komatsu PC128US-2
  • Komatsu PC128UU-1
  • Komatsu PC128UU-2
  • Komatsu PC128UU-M
  • Komatsu PC12R
  • Komatsu PC12R-8
  • Komatsu PC130
  • Komatsu PC130-5
  • Komatsu PC130-6
  • Komatsu PC130-7
  • Komatsu PC130-8
  • Komatsu PC138US-8
  • Komatsu PC14
  • Komatsu PC14R
  • Komatsu PC14R-3
  • Komatsu PC14R-HS
  • Komatsu PC15
  • Komatsu PC15-3
  • Komatsu PC150-3
  • Komatsu PC15MR
  • Komatsu PC15R
  • Komatsu PC15R-8
  • Komatsu PC16
  • Komatsu PC16R
  • Komatsu PC16R-3
  • Komatsu PC16R-HS
  • Komatsu PC18
  • Komatsu PC18MR
  • Komatsu PC18MR-2
  • Komatsu PC18MR-3
  • Komatsu PC20
  • Komatsu PC20-5
  • Komatsu PC20-6
  • Komatsu PC20-7
  • Komatsu PC20MR
  • Komatsu PC20MR-1
  • Komatsu PC20MR-2
  • Komatsu PC20R-8
  • Komatsu PC20UU
  • Komatsu PC200-5
  • Komatsu PC200-6
  • Komatsu PC200-7
  • Komatsu PC200-8
  • Komatsu PC200LC-7
  • Komatsu PC22
  • Komatsu PC25
  • Komatsu PC25-1
  • Komatsu PC25-7
  • Komatsu PC25MR-3
  • Komatsu PC27
  • Komatsu PC27-8
  • Komatsu PC27MR
  • Komatsu PC27MR-1
  • Komatsu PC27MR-2
  • Komatsu PC27MR-3
  • Komatsu PC27MRX-1
  • Komatsu PC27R
  • Komatsu PC27R-8
  • Komatsu PC28
  • Komatsu PC28UU
  • Komatsu PC28UU-1
  • Komatsu PC28UU-2
  • Komatsu PC28UU-3
  • Komatsu PC30
  • Komatsu PC30-3
  • Komatsu PC30-5
  • Komatsu PC30-6
  • Komatsu PC30-7
  • Komatsu PC30FR-1
  • Komatsu PC30FR-2
  • Komatsu PC30MR
  • Komatsu PC30MR-2
  • Komatsu PC30R-8
  • Komatsu PC30UU-3
  • Komatsu PC35
  • Komatsu PC35MR-1
  • Komatsu PC35MR-2
  • Komatsu PC35MR-3
  • Komatsu PC35MR-5
  • Komatsu PC35MRX-1
  • Komatsu PC35R-8
  • Komatsu PC38UU
  • Komatsu PC40-3
  • Komatsu PC40-4
  • Komatsu PC40-5
  • Komatsu PC40-6
  • Komatsu PC40-7
  • Komatsu PC40FR-1
  • Komatsu PC40MR
  • Komatsu PC40MR-2
  • Komatsu PC40MRX-1
  • Komatsu PC40R
  • Komatsu PC40R-8
  • Komatsu PC45
  • Komatsu PC45-1
  • Komatsu PC45-1E
  • Komatsu PC45MR
  • Komatsu PC45MR-1
  • Komatsu PC45MR-2
  • Komatsu PC45MR-3
  • Komatsu PC45MRX-1
  • Komatsu PC45R
  • Komatsu PC45R-8
  • Komatsu PC50
  • Komatsu PC50MR
  • Komatsu PC50MR-1
  • Komatsu PC50MR-2
  • Komatsu PC50MR-3
  • Komatsu PC50UU
  • Komatsu PC50UU-1
  • Komatsu PC50UU-2
  • Komatsu PC50UU-2E
  • Komatsu PC50UU-2N
  • Komatsu PC50UU-3
  • Komatsu PC55MR
  • Komatsu PC55MR-1
  • Komatsu PC55MR-2
  • Komatsu PC55MR-3
  • Komatsu PC55MR-5
  • Komatsu PC60
  • Komatsu PC60-3
  • Komatsu PC60-5
  • Komatsu PC60-6
  • Komatsu PC60-7
  • Komatsu PC60-7 MC
  • Komatsu PC60-7B
  • Komatsu PC60-7E
  • Komatsu PC60L-3
  • Komatsu PC60L-5
  • Komatsu PC60U-5
  • Komatsu PC70S
  • Komatsu PC75
  • Komatsu PC75-1
  • Komatsu PC75MR-6
  • Komatsu PC75R
  • Komatsu PC75R-2
  • Komatsu PC75R-2HD
  • Komatsu PC75UU-1
  • Komatsu PC75UU-2
  • Komatsu PC75UU-3
  • Komatsu PC75UU-3C
  • Komatsu PC75UU-Prince
  • Komatsu PC78
  • Komatsu PC78MR
  • Komatsu PC78MR-6
  • Komatsu PC78US
  • Komatsu PC78US-5

To find out more visit their website at and browse for your excavator Final Drive Motor. If you need any assistance or any help to make sure your Final Drive Motor is in stock call Precision Final Drives at (888) 511-6332 or email them at