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Bobcat Manufacturing Company Overview

Bobcat Manufacturing Company Overview

Posted by Mike P. on Jul 3rd 2022

Excavators are the staple heavy equipment vehicle that is most used to lift heavy debris with minimal exertion and with state-of-the-art efficiency. By utilizing an excavator around your house, farm, or for the construction of your structure you can save loads of time from this tool alone.

Excavators have been recognized as the most versatile construction or destruction tool around the globe, able to be recognized at almost all construction sites anywhere around the world.

One of the most recognizable heavy equipment manufacturing brands out there on the market is Bobcat. Bobcat Company is one of the best heavy equipment manufacturing companies that broke its way into global recognizability around the world. 

Bobcat features reliable agricultural tools, and vehicles also branching off into providing top-quality heavy construction devices as well. 

Being in business for roughly over 7 decades Bobcat has manufactured and put out countless reliable heavy construction products to help operators get the job done when it comes to both agriculture and construction-type ventures.

Bobcat 331 & 334 Excavators 

Two of the most notable models of excavators that Bobcat has produced are referred to as the Bobcat 331 and the Bobcat 334. Taking effective engineering components from Japanese-founded companies, Bobcat has refined the efficiency of their products to the “T”.

Both the Bobcat 331 and the Bobcat 334 feature Japanese manufactured engines developed by Kubota, a Japanese-founded heavy equipment manufacturer known for the vehicles in many different umbrella industries. 

With such reliable and effective equipment vehicles, there are many reasons why the Bobcat 331 and Bobcat 334 are such formidable choices for many heavy construction operators to consider purchasing. 

Below we are going to get into the nitty-gritty and explore the specs of both the Bobcat 334 and the Bobcat 331. In addition to the full coverage of specs that will be listed below, we will also be covering recommended attachments for the vehicles that will undoubtedly be implemented to increase versatility making them a heavy vehicle powerhouse able to tackle a plethora of ventures. 

The first up for coverage will be the Bobcat 331 learn more below:

Bobcat 331 Compact Excavator

For operators looking to get jobs done around smaller to mid sized areas of land, the Bobcat 331 is many’s first and best choice for a mini excavator. Given the size, its mobility is more lightweight and effective for traversing around these types of land. 

Key features of this versatile excavator machine include rubber tracks with a considerably sized arm in length. The Bobcat 331 also includes an auxiliary hydraulic system. With these features the Bobcat 441exceeeds in convenience and component versatility when compared to other types of excavators that feature a skid steer. 

The sheer attachment variety of the Bobcat 331 allows the vehicle to tackle almost any job around the property you could think of. Popular attachments for the Bobcat 331 include a bulldozer blade attributed to a built-in component referred to as the coupler.

Here are some specs below for the Bobcat 331:

Cab Height: 7.8ft 

Operation Weight: 7190 lbs 

Cutting Height: 15ft 

Digging Depth: 122ft 

Arm Length: 20ft 

Track Size: 4ft 

Track Width: 5ft T

Rack length: 5ft 

Bobcat 331 Shoe size: 13ft 

Swing Radius: 5ft 

Removal Counterweight Clearance: 1.68ft 

Hydraulic Pump Flow Limit: 24.1 gal/min P

Ressure on Ground: 4.27psi 

Horsepower: 40hp Fuel 

Capacity: 15.3 

Swing Speed: 9.2rpm 

Max speed: 3.2 mph

The Bobcat 334 

Similar to the Bobcat 331, the Bobcat 334 is larger, more powerful, and is more commonly found and used in construction sites around the world. Much of the features of this particular model excavator are shared with that of the Bobcat 331 referring to the extended arm length, the auxiliary hydraulic system, and the feature of rubber tracks. 

See below for the full spec list:

Total Height: 16 ft 

Total Weight: 7568 lbs 

90 Digging Depth: 7ft 

Cutting height: 15ft 

Track gauge: 4ft 

Track Width: 5 ft 

Track length: 5ft 

Excavator Show Size: 12 in 

Swing Radius: 5ft 

Total Horsepower: 40hp 

Counterweight Clearance: 2ft 

Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 24 gal/min 

Fuel Capacity: 15 gal 

Swing Speed: 9rpm 

Ground Pressure: 5psi 

Traversal Speed: 4mph

Bobcat 331 and 334 Recommended Attachments

Both of these volatile excavators can be equipped with a variety of attachments thanks to a few built-in components that make them incredibly easy to outfit. You can equip these excavators to function similar to a backhoe if needed or even a loader just to name two. There are many different purposes that you can achieve with the use of easy-to-install attachments. A Recommended attachment is the hydraulic thumb essentially changing its primary function of digging to effectively grasp different kinds of debris.

Bobcat even offers its operators added measures of safety with the ability to attach a roll-over cage to it.

Bobcat Final Drive Motor

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